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  Toilet sensors   create touch-free washroom, keeping your hands clean. We offer professional toilet urinal sensor installation, maintenance & repair services. WC  Duct Type Flush Valves. •,  Sensor  Urinal Flush Valves. •, Manual Urinal ... Floor Trap. Flush Valves >  Sensor WC  Flush Valves. AWS 710ACH. AWS 710ACL ... Toilet  Bowl  Sensor  Flush Valve (Hydraulic) 102CA01-H (31800) *Contact us for best price · Sale  Toilet  Bowl  Sensor  Flush Valve  How do you flush a toilet with a sensor? You can activate a  flush  by holding the palm of your hand up to the  sensor  for a few seconds before taking it away. Or place a piece of  toilet  paper. The  sensor  detects when infrared light is reflected from the user. A small microchip sets rules to reduce the chance of a spurious activation when a person simply walks past the sink or  toilet . When necessary, the switch sends an electric current that activates the faucet or  toilet's  valve. A  toilet  that seemingly  flushes  i