Common mistakes to avoid when facing toilet system issues


Common mistakes to avoid when facing toilet system issues

It is against NEA regulations in Singapore not to install non sensor flushing system in public toilets or function without a workable sensor operated flushing system. However, while owners may know enough to get their toilets systems repaired, making the actual action is a different story—most of us don’t really think that getting the systems repaired can be sometimes become a serious hazard as you will never know until it happens. It’s important to understand your place well than be sorry.

To understand what mistakes to avoid when trying to get your system fixed, it’s important to know what owners look for when processing these repairs. Their protocol in handling repairs includes verifying that what exactly is the actual issue, then determining the extent to which the repairs should consist of which parts needed to replace as new and replace as a whole.

To properly assess the toilet sensors, you need to engage the proper and appropriate specialists, remember not the normal plumber which branded as cheap and good (S$30.00 to S$80.00). Normally they (so called plumbers) are not well trained and doesn’t know your system well. That means owners really needs to go thru some efforts to find the correct appropriate specialists who are ethical and honest to help you solve your headache.  This can be quite a serious headache when you failed to engage the right one.

1. Failure to toilet sensor activation

In the aftermath of a toilet sensor malfunction, please check if the button is workable or not. If works, at the very least you have enough time to have the system repair and sensor replace. If its doesn’t work, then timing will be crucial as the system can’t flush and the cubicle even the whole toilet will be a big mess to you. Urinal can be a more hazardous if the toilet sensor failed to work. Cos this will cost the urinal bowl to choke and this can be another costly price to pay off if you don’t have the toilet sensor fixed. Another way is to have the bowl covered with black trash bag and engage ORISYS TechnologyPte Ltd to help with your problems!!!

 Several steps should be taken by the owner: providing details of the issue, company name (best with a name card WHATSAPP), WHATSAPP a actual photo of the breakdown system. For safety reasons, try not to open and try to repair yourself cos most of the systems are 240V powered and can be VERY DANGEROUS for you as there’s also water doubled up as HAZARD. In such instances, make sure that you’ve taken photos of the toilet sensors and issues of the system to ORISYS and they are mostly able to advise thru WHATSAPP or verbally without a SINGLE CENT.

Some elements to photograph include the front full view of system, (if possible) with or without photo of inside, visible front area of place with the system.

Hence, an asset to have in these situations is a reliable toilet sensor specialised company to be able to serve you whenever you need them to assist and completed your repair without any hassle. Toilet sensor owners are strongly recommended to maintain regularly as this is reduce the breakdown rate of your systems.

2. Failure to get system fixed in time

Another important requirement is to report issue to your reliable toilet sensor specialist within 24 hours or by the next working day.

Failure to file a repair report with your specialist is in fact, It may lead to serious repercussions, such as the loss of use to owners or public users.

If you managed to see water sipped out from the panel or leaking inside, try to off water supply to that individual particular system. Normally that the water gate valve for that system is located above ceiling or behind the toilet sensor.

 3.Failure to find a toilet sensor specialist

If you are unable to find a suitable company to serve you, have no fear. We are here to wait for your recognition and appreciation of our quality work.

Please note that most of the time, you can just engage someone to repair your system instead of replaced the whole toilet sensor system. 


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Toilet sensors are an effective way to flush your waste down the drain without having to lay hand on anything. However, defects and failures can happen. Fortunately, ORISYS can detect sensor issues and provide maintenance to secure the problem at hand.


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